Say hello to Training in the SafetyCulture platform!

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Say hello to Training in the SafetyCulture platform!


  • A smarter way to onboard, instruct, and upskill your teams with Training, now in the SafetyCulture platform!


What you’ll love about this new functionality

Having the knowledge and skills to be great at work is at the heart of every successful team, but distributing training, tracking progress, and keeping the team engaged can be challenging.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest feature Training, right inside of SafetyCulture. 

Just as you digitize your inspections, now you can digitize your courseware with ease. Whether you need to share information that’s easily accessible or check your staff are performing a task correctly, SafetyCulture has you covered.

Ready to begin? You’ve got a few options to start. Choose from 1,000+ ready-made industry-specific courses or use AI to generate a course in minutes - not days or weeks.


What you’ll love:

  • Meet your staff where they are: Inform staff of new procedures, policies and/or new equipment instantly on the app they already use daily.
  • Streamline onboarding: Reduce repetitive instruction and manual tasks, making the onboarding process more efficient.
  • Gain real-time tracking and visibility: Monitor your team’s progress and performance, whether they working in-person or remotely, on-site or in the office.
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement: Ensure tasks are performed correctly - you can even create new courses off the back of flagged inspections!


SafetyCulture Training is a great way to:

  • Give your workers a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities and procedures.
  • Simplify and automate employee onboarding to get new hires up to speed faster.
  • Educate your team about potential hazards and risks as part of your health, safety, and environment (HSE) training.
  • Track site inductions, competency and/or compliance assessments.
  • Provide remote driver training for unusual driving conditions.
  • Convert paper equipment manuals into digital lessons so your staff can access them from anywhere at anytime.


How to get started with the new release

To learn more about the Training feature in SafetyCulture, read our support article here. To explore how Training can improve the way you work, contact your Customer Success Manager or schedule a demo today.

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