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  • 24 February 2023
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Hello SafetyCulture Community! 

We’re here to chat about all things improvement, but we want to get to know each other a bit better first, so please introduce yourself by sharing (1) your name, (2) a little about you and where you’re from, and (3) how you use the SafetyCulture platform.

I’ll go first! 


Hello, I’m Julian.

I’ve been with SafetyCulture for two years, focused on educating, enabling, and empowering our community of customers and partners – and I love it!

I live in a small suburb on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia – surrounded by bush and rivers – with my wife, baby, and puppy.

At SafetyCulture, we use our platform for facilities management – conduct workplace inspections, create actions, and report issues. We also train staff in areas like cyber security and sales enablement, and send important messages with Heads Up, like this video from Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia, for the 2023 Australian Open!


I look forward to learning from and connecting with many of you here.

Introduce yourself in the replies below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️



18 replies

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Hi, I’m Hayden

I work for Mobecrete and Construction as the Manager for Safety, Culture and Compliance.

I enjoy improvement, both personally and in my work. I “enjoy” running or at least the metal and physical benefits of it. Other hobbies include lawn care, family time and traveling.

Managing risk can be very complex, I strive each day to make safety the easy thing to do, safety culture plays a big role in this. My main focus over the last 2.5 years has been culture, compliance as a by-product increased 10 fold.



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Hi All,

i am Richard i work for Monash university dealing with the building compliance as well as maintaining and issuing Statutory regulations.

We use iauditor to conduct the audits and help achieve compliance.


Thank you

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Hi Safety Culture Community, 

I am Emma Flynn, I work at Intrepid Travel, and although my official title is ‘Travel Studio Administrator’ I was seconded in to the Global Operations Safety Team to assist in setting up and rolling out Safety Culture to our brand worldwide. I have been in the travel industry for 22 years and worked in various roles. But now I work behind the scenes making sure all the business related travel systems work well and are fit for purpose. 

At Intrepid we use Safety Culture to audit our Trips, Services (like Hotels and Transport) and Suppliers to make sure they are compliant with our safety standards. 

I am home based in south west Sydney, I live there with my husband and 2 children. 


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Hello Everyone,

Great to be invited and part of the best of the best! 

I introduced Safety Culture to our business a few years back, when I found it the most multi functional platform out there! We now have over 200 users across different divisions and hoping to grow that further over the next 12 months.

Continuous improvement and business performance is more my niche, I work across divisions to find solutions from technology to processes.

Looking forward to engaging with you all.


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I live in the USA. My hobbies are whatever I need to support my 3 kids with!

I work in the manufacturing industry. In my role, I support all operations sites to help them succeed in producing faster, with better quality, and food safe.  Managing the SafetyCulture platform has become a key piece of my responsibilities, among a variety of other things such as analyzing quality data, managing the quality systems, writing procedures, supporting customer and food safety audits, training, and more.

Our company started using the SafetyCulture platform at a single site in early 2018, and we rolled it out to all manufacturing sites at the end of that same year.  After 1 year, a few sites took ahold of it quickly and we were at 1,500 inspections per month. Today, we have strong usage in more than half of our sites and see about 5,600 inspections per month and strong usage of Actions.  This year, we’re moving into corporate usage and expect to see rapid growth soon.

I’ve seen the platform transform immensely over these 4+ years.  I look forward to this community helping us learn better ways to use it and helping the development team make new leaps in capabilities.


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Firstly, I am thrilled I have been invited to the Safety Culture (SC) community to share knowledge, learnings and promote innovation.

I live in Perth Western Australia where I enjoy plenty of sunshine.

My experience and skills are predominantly in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and management system implementation.

Like most of us who have had first-hand experience driving transformative changes with SC, I am looking forward to being part of this diverse cohort. Hopefully I will have a couple of suggestions and points of view along the way!

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Hi. I will start with a bit of useless information.

I lived for over 20 years in North Queensland, Australia. I spent a lot if time in Townsville (where SafetyCulture started) and have some good friends there. 

Now I am in the UK and work as UK HSEQ manager for Blink Charging and electric vehicle charging company. This fast paced industry holds its own unique risks which is where SafetyCulture plays an incredibly important part in keeping everyone safe.

I first discovered SC a few years ago while working for BP. It started slowly but picked up momentum as various departments witnessed how we utilised the platform. 

I brought SC into my role with Blink and have seen a repeat experience with various departments asking for support. While these requests take me away from my work, I do all that I can to help set everyone up to succeed. 

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Hi - first thank you for the opportunity to join this community.

I am an HSE professional that has worked in the offshore oil and gas industry for approximately 30 years.  For the last 20 years I have been employed by Transocean, an offshore drilling company. 

I am based in Houston, Texas - having relocated here in 2010.  Originally, I am from the UK - having spent time working in the Orkney Islands (where I met my wife) and then Aberdeen.

I introduced SafetyCulture to Transocean in 2017 as part of an initiative to capture near real-time verification of conformance with policy requirements.  That has expanded to a peer-to-peer behavior safety observation program in conjunction with frontline leaders and supervisors providing assurance and verification at the work site.  We have a number of other use cases.

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Hi Everyone,

I work for Peel Ports Group, which operates ports across England and Ireland, though I am based in Liverpool.

My career started as a QSHE Officer, before moving into Continuous Improvement and finally IT. SafetyCulture has been an invaluable tool in almost every role I have had so far.

We recently implemented SAP to replace and consolidate many of our existing systems (HR, Finance, Purchasing, Stores, Engineering, Incidents, Risk Assessment) but it just could not match SafetyCulture for audits and inspections - so that is one of the few other systems we have kept.

I am currently working on rolling out a digital permit to work using SafetyCulture, so it is going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

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Hi Safety Culture friends,

I am also with Intrepid Travel and work alongside Emma to get all of our trips and suppliers audited to ensure they are meeting our minimum standards. My focus is making sure all of our Operations teams have the support and training needed to use the system properly.

I am fairly new to the world of safety, having spent the bulk of my career in Sales and Customer service, but I’m super excited to learn all I can and am very happy to be working with the awesome platform that is Safety Culture. I currently live in the snowy and cold Toronto, Canada, but have lived in a few places across Canada and the US.

Looking forward to collaborating with you all.



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Hey Team,

I work at Goodstart Early Learning in sunny(ish) Bris Vegas, Australia and inherited operational ownership of the SafetyCulture platform a couple of years ago to my increasing delight :) I currently manage our license base of around 17,000 users and have been doing my damndest to automate as much of it as I possibly can - with pretty good results!

We currently conduct a variety of environmental inspections and quality assurance activities through SafetyCulture that feed all the way up into our enterprise reporting, and I am always interested in finding new and valuable ways to utilise the tools and data available to us.

When I’m not doing this stuff I’m working in the continuous improvement space to free up as much time as possible for our educators and centre leadership teams to do the things they are truly here to do, namely educating and caring for children all across the country.

I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can from you all and maybe providing a bit of support wherever I can too :)



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Greetings, I’m Ben,

I have been fortunate to be with Australia Post for thirteen years and able to gain experience in network management, operations and projects.

We used iAuditor to support a project in 2019 and since proving itself, I supported extension to our frontline and support team members. It has been powerful to give team members confidence they can make a difference one inspection at a time and has become a connection of the frontline reality to our decision makers.

Whilst our use case may not be focussed on safety, it certainly is on improvement and pushing the limits of what is possible by the application.

I look forward to learning from everyone in this community about what better looks like.

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Hey SC Community,

I’m Blake. I currently reside in the city where dreams come true and fantasy becomes reality (Orlando, FL). In my free time you can almost always find me traveling somewhere.

I’ve been in the aviation industry for over 8 years now. I manage a team of Inflight Auditors and we utilize SafetyCulture to create inspection templates that our team uses as an audit checklist onboard flights throughout our network. Our templates tend to be very intricate with a lot of skip logic incorporated so we are capturing as much data as possible for all tasks being observed.

Looking forward to learning from you all!

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I am late to the party! 

I work for FKG Oil Company that owns and operates 82 convenience stores/gas stations across 6 states throughout the Midwest. We have been using the iAuditor platform for almost 6 years to conduct our monthly store inspections. 

We are still evolving and are in the process of adding store level usage to the platform to streamline some reporting functions. 

Looking forward to learning how everyone is using different features of the platform! 

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Hi All,

Also arriving fashionably late!

I’m in the midst of expanding my role as Director of HSE for Bureau Veritas North America, where I have previously worked with the SC team and one of our business units for the past year.  We’ve evolved our interaction with the platform to improve in several key areas, chief among them our incident reporting/management protocols and hazard assessment/mitigation tools.  We’ve also vastly expanded our reporting capabilities via the exporter in concert with Power BI so that our decision-makers have access to real-time actionable information for both compliance and proactive risk reduction purposes.

I’m based out of Florida but our group has global reach, operating in over 50 countries (and growing) across 18 time zones.  We’re constantly working to improve and I look forward to learning from the group as we collaborate!

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Hi All!

Thanks to Safety Culture for the opportunity to participate in the community (sorry I’m late!). 

I’m the Director of a consulting firm based on the Gold Coast in QLD, Australia.  My company specialises Environmental Health, OHS and Quality Management systems and are also a NATA accredited ISO 17020 Inspection Body. 

We’ve been using SafetyCulture / iAuditor since 2014 (?) to undertake inspections and audits on behalf of our clients as well as being an important part of our certified management system. We also enjoy helping our clients to implement the platform and then use it to fulfil their compliance obligations, streamline their operations and support continual improvement. 

I’m blown away by how much the platform has evolved and how supportive, engaging and accessible the SafetyCulture team is. It feels like almost every time I log in there are more and more features + improvements and it just keeps on getting better 🙌. 

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and collaborating with you all in this forum




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Hello Everyone, 

My name is John Bautista, I am a data analyst for the Inflight department at JetBlue Airways. My main duties are to manage the data inputs and outputs for our three Inflight Quality Programs: Customer to Crewmember (Customer Voice), Inflight Excellence (Onboard Audits) and Tell Inflight (Crewmember Voice). My work would not be possible with the great assistance of the other three Analyst on the Team and the guidance of our Performance and Quality Manager. 

We use SafetyCulture, specifically iAuditor, to conduct onboard audits and evaluations. Our checklists (templates) range from simple audits of 15-20 questions to an 150+ question audit with 3-4 levels of skip logic per question.

I am thrilled to be part of this community and excited for our continued partnership with SafetyCulture.


Thank you, 

John Bautista   

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Hi everyone, 

My name is Sam and I work in Coles Head Office helping run our site audit programs across supermarkets, liquor and our distribution centres. We run this program to help ensure our sites are managing their key risks (with a focus on safety and compliance) and bring insight back to the business of what we can do centrally to support our sites manage their operational risk.

We use SafetyCulture to conduct these audits and bring back these insights. We also make our audit templates available to stores to voluntarily complete at any time so they can stay on top of risk in their store, and have had a huge uptake in this regard! 

A bit about me is that I live between Sydney and Melbourne, support the Swans in the AFL and Dragons in the NRL and have a greyhound named Monty.