Save time with bulk QR code generation for assets

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Save time with bulk QR code generation for assets

In this release, you can now:

  • Generate up to 50 asset profile QR codes in one go


What you’ll love about this new functionality

Asset profile QR codes are a game-changer for your frontline teams’ workflow. With QR codes unique to each asset, anyone with a mobile device can easily capture and access important asset information while out in the field. However, manually creating these unique codes can be time-consuming for businesses tasked with managing numerous assets. 

To help save time and effort, we've streamlined the QR code generation process. With a single click, you can now instantly create up to 50 asset QR codes at once. This update not only saves you valuable time but allows you to focus on what matters most – enhancing your asset management and operational efficiency.


How to get started with the new release

To learn more about how to create asset profile QR codes, read our support article here

Alternatively, if you need additional help, reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager, and they’ll be happy to assist.


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