SafetyCulture sensors: Now for Air Quality and Security!

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SafetyCulture sensors: Now for Air Quality and Security!

With our new sensors, you can now:

  • Automate processes and monitor CO, CO2, Air Quality, and Open/Close door or window status in your workplace 

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Many businesses face the manual burden of monitoring critical environmental factors such as CO, CO2, Air Quality, and Open/Close, which can be time-consuming, costly, and prone to human error. 

Now, with our newest sensors, you can automate these monitoring tasks, providing real-time insights, and enabling you to proactively address safety concerns. By streamlining operations and improving safety protocols, you can allocate resources more efficiently, reduce risks, comply with regulations, and create a safer and more productive workplace.

Key use cases: 

  • Monitor indoor air quality for offices, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, restaurants, and more.
  • Enhance security and access control for sensitive areas, server rooms, storage facilities, and restricted zones.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations for reporting and auditing purposes.
  • Optimize occupancy and space management.
  • Conduct environmental monitoring to assess pollution levels, measure air filtration system effectiveness, and receive alerts for prolonged open fridge doors impacting produce or stock longevity.


How to get started with the new release

To learn more about our sensors, contact our team here

We need to monitor pH & m/v (ORP)

Do you have sensors for these attributes?

Hi Don,

we do have a pH probe that can input readings to a field in an inspection via bluetooth. Would that be of interest?

I’m keen to hear what probe you use for ORP. If it has bluetooth, we could add it to the roadmap to support in the future!


pH is definitly of interest 

ORP is measured by EC Meter - electrical conductivity. ie EC Meter/Sensor, this is a common test measuring EC, can you assist with this?