Introducing a new User profile experience ✨

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Introducing a new User profile experience ✨

In this release, you can now

  • Instantly access key team member information including credentials and qualifications under one user profile view 

What you’ll love about this new functionality

Having visibility on whether a worker’s qualifications are up to date and valid is critical to ensuring they are compliant and competent before they commence work.

We’ve made finding this information easier for you, by having Credentials and Training nested under a new User profile, and centralized your existing team member settings within a dedicated Settings page - so you can quickly access critical information without the noise.

With the new User profile view, you can

  • Access team member details, membership and up to date qualifications including credentials and training with ease
  • Interact with each team member credential and click to view details 
  • Browse and track completion rate of Training courses listed under a team members profile

How to get started with the new release

The feature is available to all users in the organization on all plans.

To learn more about the User management feature in SafetyCulture read our support article here.

To explore how User management can improve the way you work, contact your Customer Success Manager or schedule a demo today.

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