Have you used a public course link yet?

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Have you used a public course link yet?

Public course links are your go-to for effortlessly sharing courses, especially with those who don’t have a SafetyCulture account. Whether you’re looking to share your course on social media or prompt stakeholders for reviews, these links have got you covered.

But hey heads up, course completion via a public course link won’t be tracked in analytics! Ensure learners' training activity is recorded by assigning them a published course to complete.

New enhancements:

  • Customize the expiry date of links

  • Share via a link or a QR code from web or mobile

Give it a try!

Share a course you’re proud of in the thread below using your public course link.

Can you please expand as it seems a little vague?
Will there be some sort of record that will show that the person has done the Course / Lesson?


Example a cert or proof of completion?