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An idea for the future that i would love to see maybe one day if possible.


As we have sites already built in, it would be great to move sites to the main page which then brings up a dashboard with each site and able to give the sites a profile. Under those site you would be able to see inspections that were carried out in them and see a schedule for upcoming inspections. just something for the future.

Hi @Rmanyk,

My name is Keagan and my team looks after the Site feature. I am keen to understand more about what you’re envisioning as we’re hopefully going to have some time to work on this next year amongst some other organisation management projects.

We already have a site profile (when you click on a site from the site list), which has a tab for the Inspections assigned against that site. It doesn’t have schedules, and that’s a good idea we will certainly explore, but was there something lacking with the site inspections list?

When you say move sites to the main page, do you mean on the Home/Dashboard page you see after logging in? And then you add a tile for each site you’re a member of in that Dashboard?

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

yes a dashboard for site’s. Here is the example, a facility management group takes care of x buildings for y realtor now they create a parent profile for Y and under the parent Y we would be able to give profiles to those buildings. Inside of the profiles we would be able to schedule dates of when reoccurring maintenance is required.

the data from this could be pulled to the analytics dashboard that you could produce for your client showing them the preformance of the portfolio.

this would give “sites” a specific uses case and would be a great addition to the current side bar. Or even its own domain.


future possibilities could be,

- client front end log in.

  • invoicing payment gateway, generating money for safety culture per transaction and so forth..

Hope some of this helps 

Thanks for the clarification @Rmanyk 🙏

I think we’re on the same page and we need a better way to group data and activities so it’s much easier to see what’s relevant at the time rather than having to hunt for it all across the app.

Something that has come up and I’m keen to hear any thoughts you may have on the topic: you are using sites as buildings (and presumably locations) in this case, but would you benefit from more hierarchies in addition to buildings? For example, a project hierarchy, or team/org structure hierarchy?