Asset Privacy (restrict access to assets)

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Good Afternoon, 


Would it be possible to add a feature to restrict the access to the asset list & restrict powers.


For example 

Users assigned to site A will only be able to access assets assigned to site A. 

Users assigned to a type of asset can see all assets belonging to that type. 


Filters can be used to manage the lists, but currently it reduces buy in from employees when implementing the system with new users as adding filters etc. can seem bulky/not user friendly. 



Hi @CB-GW 

Thanks for the feedback. In regards to access, we recognise that there are limited options to control who can see what assets. This is something we intend to solve in the future.

Building in access controls is complicated under the hood because of the number of scenarios to factor in so it will take some time to develop an effective solution here. But rest-assured it is a high priority for us to do. 



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