Archiving inspections

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I recently cleaned up our InProgress and completed inspections tab by archiving the completed inspections.

I'm still able to locate the inspection via the inspections tab, archive and filtering by site but

when I go to the site profile there are no inspections there as they have been archived.

My suggestion is to have all inspections archived or not that are performed for that site available through the site profile.

this would assist in easy access to archived inspections and or archived sites if the documents are required later on.

it also clears up the inspections tab for the in progress and completed inspections.

I've attached some screen shots of the issue I'm referring too.

the first is the site profile, the second is the inspections tab been filtered by site and the third is the inspections archive tab filtered by site.


I would like a “Site” page similar to Assets which shows all activity related to a site - Actions, Heads Up, Inspections, Templates, Issues, Members, Groups, etc.  Of course, the access to each of those pieces of data would still be limited to the settings on each.  

Another option that would help out on the mobile app is to separate the in progress and complete tabs.

So you would have 3 option tabs on the mobile app, Templates, In progress and Complete.

this would solve my above issue, allow historic viewing of completed templates and still have the completed templates on each site without archiving them.