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  • 20 January 2023
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Welcome to the SafetyCulture Community!

This space is for industry professionals to gather insights and share best practices across various use cases and industries, as well as help each other to use the SafetyCulture app to the best of their ability.

To meet the collective goals of our community, we want to make sure that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please take a look at our Community Guidelines.

Please note that by participating in the SafetyCulture Community, you’re also subject to our terms of use.

Be friendly, patient, and courteous

We understand that people here will have different levels of knowledge and understanding of their industry and SafetyCulture products. Let’s be patient and respectful to each other.

The community is driven by its members, and every member contributes outside of their day-to-day work, so be patient as you wait for replies.

Any form of harassing, hurtful, threatening, or illegal behavior will NOT be tolerated in the community. This includes activities in but not limited to groupsdirect messagesforums, and product updates.

Stay relevant and respect everyone’s privacy

Let’s stay relevant to the goal of this community, which is to share best practices across various use cases and industries, as well as help each other to use the SafetyCulture app. Irrelevant topics will be removed, and violators will be reviewed for removal.

Be respectful of everyone’s privacy as you would protect your own. Do not ever share any personally identifiable information or share any information that doesn’t belong to you. Any content that appears to contain such information or is inappropriately shared will be removed, and violators will be reviewed for removal.

SafetyCulture employees will always identify themselves, and you can identify them by the SafetyCulture logo on their profile picture as well as the “SafetyCulture Crew” rank. SafetyCulture employees will never ask you for your account credentials, billing information, or self-identifying information through the community.

If you need help with security or billing for your SafetyCulture app account, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Provide constructive feedback and helpful support

With a community that includes members from different industries, skill sets, and cultures, it’s only natural that we won’t always agree with each other. We encourage healthy debates and discussions, but please be respectful, provide constructive feedback, and give helpful support.

If you find a topic interesting, we encourage you to reply and share your thoughts. If a topic or reply helped the community, you can upvote it or mark it as the best answer, helping other members find what they need much faster.

If the information you’re sharing is from an external source, please credit the source. If the information is from another community member, please seek their permission first before sharing. As outlined in “Stay relevant and respect everyone’s privacy”, sharing any content that doesn’t belong to you will be removed, and your account may be subject to review for removal as well.

Report spam, solicitation, and disruptive behaviors

To provide the best experience for all community members, questions, conversations, and ideas you create may be reviewed or moderated at any time. If your post is marked “Pending”, that means it’s being reviewed, and we aim to review it as soon as possible.

Spam and solicitation are strictly prohibited. Do not re-post topics across multiple forums. Repeated violations could result in a ban without warning.

Disruptive behaviors of any form will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to sharing private information, making personal attacks, and posting irrelevantpromotional, or NSFW content.


Violations of the Community Guidelines are carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Details and decisions for moderation actions are confidential and will not be shared with community members.

The following actions may be taken toward a member for each violation:

  • Warning: The member will receive a written warning via direct message or email. The warning will outline the reason and explain that further violations may result in a ban.
  • Temporary ban: The member will receive a notice detailing the temporary ban via email. The notice will outline the reason, dates of previous warnings, and the end date of the temporary ban.  During the temporary ban, the member will not be able to access the community. Further violations may result in a permanent ban.
  • Permanent ban: The member will receive a notice detailing the permanent ban via email. The notice will outline the reason and dates of previous warnings/bans. Once the permanent ban is in place, the member will no longer be able to access the community. Any attempts to sign up for new accounts by the same person will also be rejected.

See a post or comment that’s not following our guidelines?

Report the post or comment by clicking or tapping the more () menu at its lower-right and selecting Flag.

Need to contact us?

If you have feedback or questions about the community guidelines above, please email us at

Please do not direct message any staff members or post in the community. Questions related to the Community Guidelines will not be addressed via these channels.



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