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  • 17 January 2023
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Hi SafetyCulture Community,

You know we love a checklist, so here’s your list of community offerings and advice for getting started.

Participate, attend, watch, follow, learn, and be inspired, so you can be even more successful with SafetyCulture.

  1. Introduce yourself
    What a great way to start your community journey – meet others just like you.

  2. Share work you’re proud of
    One way is to add what you’ve created to our Public Library and share it with the community for kudos and feedback. Or, however else you want to share what you’re working on, or what you’ve done – to ask for feedback or help others. 

  3. Attend community events
    Learn best practices, share ideas and make connections at our events. Want to host an event for the community? Reach out to our Community Team at community@safetyculture.com.

  4. Make suggestions
    Submit product ideas and wishes to our team.

  5. Take part in challenges
    Share with the community and win prizes. Subscribe to updates, so you get notified when we launch our next challenge. 

  6. Start your SafetyCulture certification at the Improvement Institute
    Learn best practices, train your team at scale, and be confident you're getting the most out of SafetyCulture.

  7. Earn badges and ranks
    Showcase your skills and experience with recognized community badges and climb your way up the ranks.  

  8. Share the love on social media
    We love seeing all your expert tips and unique ways of using SafetyCulture. Be sure to tag us on LinkedIn and other channels like Twitter and Instagram. While we can’t share everything, we’ll always try and leave a comment to amplify your post. Don’t forget to give us a follow too! 

This is just a shortlist. Look around. There’s plenty more!



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