What are the differences between issues and actions?

  • 2 February 2023
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Hey guys hoping this might be a good place to ask! 

The SafetyCulture app got me pretty hooked but I am way too confused what actions and issues are. I mean, I tried testing this out but they pretty much look like the same thing. 

Thoughts anyone🤔? 


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Great question @Juellia! So summarise the value of the two features:


The Actions feature gives everyone the ability to create tasks to work through – essentially getting stuff done, whether that’s from identifying problems in inspections or issues. You can consider this a task management system, where each task is assigned to an individual or a group of people, keeping them accountable for completing the work.


The Issues feature allows you and your team to spot and report problems in your workplace. Each issue that gets reported should be the trigger for resolving the issue as soon as possible such as conducting an inspection, and identifying improvement opportunities as soon as possible such as creating actions to work on.

If you have some thoughts about how actions and issues should work or complement each other, we’d love to hear them from you as well! You can consider creating an idea here in the community and other members can upvote :)

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Hi @jackihann thank you so much now I understand much better how these two features work! I do have an idea and planning to post that one up 😀

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I have struggled with this as well. 


We have sites that use the “STOP” card program or a similar home-grown card system, all paper-based.  This involves either 1 or multiple format cards to record observations and problems (both good and bad) in areas of safety, food safety, food defense, quality, damage, etc.  Sometimes the person reporting the STOP-type card knows what to do for a corrective action or improvement, but most times they do not. That is typically up to management after the fact to determine if work is required.

The way the “Issues” feature is designed, it is VERY similar to Actions.  It looks the same once the Issue is submitted, and, like Actions, you can add an assignee, priority, and due date. This means we now have to manage “actions” on both the Actions list and the Issues list.  Because of the design concerns with Issues, a few sites that moved electronic for this purpose are using an Inspection template for now….


I have many feature ideas to improve how Issues. I think our company would explode in usage and see positive improvements if we were able to leverage it companywide.  Until the design is changed, I don’t think we’ll move forward with it.