Unable to delete or remove credential types?

  • 27 October 2023
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Unable to delete or remove Credential type. 
I created a test credential that has no entries. I now can not remove it.


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I checked and have the same issue. I can only rename it.  No users have any credentials uploaded to that type, so it’s not like it’s locked due to being used.  There is no delete credential type option.

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Hi @jacobcarlyle and @Corey thanks so much for trying out the new Credentials functionality and providing feedback. You’re right, currently the only option with types is to rename it. We will add the ability to delete an empty type altogether in the coming weeks based off of your feedback above so thank you again for providing it. I’ll update here once we have delete available. 

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Of course, if you allow deleting, it would need to check that no users already have credentials of that type added to their profile.  Perhaps if someone does, it prompts with a few options:  “Confirm - Deleting this credential will delete any existing credentials of this type already added to any user profiles.” or “Reassign all existing credentials of this type already added to any user profiles to a different credential type [Dropdown of other credential types]” (if there are other credential types only) or “Cancel.”

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Hey @jacobcarlyle and @Corey - Just letting you know we have released the ability to delete empty Credential types. 

We don’t yet have the ability to move Credentials to a different type but you can rename the type as a workaround for now. We’ll monitor feedback to see how much of a need we have for move credentials from one type to another and discuss prioritisation if we see more feedback. 


Let us know if you have anything additional. We love to hear all feedback!