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  • 27 October 2023
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all of our training is currently in templates so we can schedule it once (or twice) a year we’d love to separate training templates and inspection templates by moving the training templates to the training module, but we need to be able to delay the assignment i.e. you have to take this course in 3 months and automatically repeat the assignment i.e. you have to re-certify once per year.


it would also be great to group course into a certificate so we can assign 10 course all at once 


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7 replies


Hi there! Great to hear you’re considering a new way to deliver your training. Are you currently delivering it through Inspections? Our new Training feature could certainly help you step this up. 

  • With Training, you can set up a due date for a course by going to course settings > access rules > selecting “mandatory” > choosing from the drop down ‘days after enrolment’ or on a predefined ‘due date’.
  • You can also re-issue courses on a determined timeframe, for example if your staff need to retake the course every 3 months. This feature is called ‘recurring certifications’ and is currently in beta. If you would like to have this turned on for your account, please let me know your username and organisation name at
  • To issue a certificate for users who complete a course, open the course settings > completion > toggle on ‘completion certificate’.
  • You can group courses together with paths. Explore paths here.

Let me know if these do/don’t meet what you’re looking to achieve

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thanks this helps a lot is there a way to assign training to a single user? rather than a group?


We don’t currently offer that functionality, but are exploring ways we can do so. So stay tuned! 

Yes! Would love to be able to assign training to a user 😃

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Is the same functionality available as per Edapps in the training feature of SC?


This is where we can have users in user groups or is there a way to create a normal group on SC where the training can be assigned.


This would be far better as it would then align to the groups within are created within SC.


With regards to certification in SC training. How can certificates be customised?


How can auto refreshers be turned on for groups or courses so that brain boosts are available?


The training side of SC needs to be customisable for the organisation and available for users external that may need awareness training from the company for specific activities etc.


This would improve the organisational opportunities and training objectives within the SC portal

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@laurenw this can be done in Sc like Edapps.

When publishing any course and can be added in an ongoing manner with the users and groups.

The missing part that i have raised as a query is credentials.


  1. You create a course 
  2. You publish and assign to people / users in your org
  3. They complete the lessons
  4. The certification is set up at course completion at which point a certificate is in place
  5. THEN what should happen is once a course is passed an automatic feature collects the data and adds this to the credential of the person hence done once instead of twice.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry last bit is Training Plan.
This again is part of the course building and assigning structure along with brain boosts and refreshers.

I will be adding this internally as part of a training plan going forward.

This will work for elearning but not for external which is the credentials bit. Which in theory does work for completed records and courses etc.


This however is still lacking in that it is all manual. There should be the ability to simply have a register of courses / training etc and the credential completion is via this list. THen this list could if SC really get into gear be the catalyst for previous, now and future planned training.
Hence records, proof and a plan going forward.