• 22 March 2024
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I have been building Various training courses on SC and Edapps.

However imo there is a slight glitch in that the training completed is not accessible in view only mode for personnel.


Admin in SC is imo the highest tier of SC orf control and too many admins can create issues.

So whether building templates or creating courses the Org MUST have protocols for access rights that fit and reduce the ability where required for example for people to build template / edit templates that is a given.

The same applies to Training an building courses which imo in most cases need to be vetted by the org as this in most cases will be a validated learning event - hence certification.


However there also in the Training Side of Sc needs to be an Access part that can enable certain personnel or groups to view the training completed by being able to access the training analytics and look at the plans, what courses have been completed and so on.


As Org grow and more personnel/ employees / Contractors ae within the business and undertaking training then this MUST be part of a plan that the Org manages and can review and check to validate that training objectives and windows are being applied.


I cannot currently apply anything apart from giving FULL ADMIN Access to some users - a way to apply this.


If anyone has a way to do this and a solution please let me know?


Just to recap this is access only rights to manage the training tab with the ability of certain group to view training completion.


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Hello  @jonnyg ,

Thanks so much for providing this feedback.

We are currently in the early stages of looking at how we can provide a training permission that enables a manager to be assigned to teams, which will enable them to view manager reporting for their assigned teams. They can also conduct on the job training with their teams via this permission.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us Jonny!