Image capture to devise a training course?

  • 15 September 2023
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Did anyone else receive a pop up on their mobile device letting them know that we could now capture an image of a document and it would devise a SC Training course automatically?

I think my eyes may have deceived me because I can’t find anything on the website or apps. I’d love to try this out if it is a real thing 😍


Best answer by Andrew Gabb 15 September 2023, 12:51

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4 replies

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hey Tiffany, 

found this in this article


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Thanks @Andrew Gabb - good to know I wasn’t seeing things!

I’ve just tried it out and it’s pretty good. Not too much additional editing to do, just adding some images specific to my company. 

Another few hours a week in admin saved!


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same here @Tiffany_cee 

coincidentally, an email came through on the subject so gave it a go. Very cool. 


Just adding to this, you can create training courses using AI straight from the mobile app by clicking on the purple ‘+’ button and selecting either ‘Create using text prompt’ or ‘Create using photos.’

To then edit the course you need to go to the web app / desktop to do so (in Training - Manage).  From there you can also add in additional lessons to the course (using AI or from scratch) and additional quiz questions (using AI or from scratch) - give it a go!