How does everyone like to view and track work across their business?

  • 20 July 2023
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Hello SC Community!

We are looking to introduce the ability to visualise work in different ways within the SafetyCulture platform, namely with a calendar, kanban and timeline/gantt view

I’d love to learn more about the following from everyone:

  1. How do you check and track progress for both your work and your teams work?
  2. Would you like to see all tasks in SafetyCulture on the same calendar and/or gantt view? 
  3. How often do you and your team check in with the progress of work? 

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3 replies

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Would like to see a leading vs lagging indicator analytics option


Hazards /Near Misses vs Injury frequency rate

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Thanks @Steve O'Connor 

That makes perfect sense, how do you view and track these currently? 

In the instance of a near miss/hazard, how do you view and track the work for the corrective/preventative action to ensure completion? 

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The only way frequency rates can be done is with calculations.
You could create templates for these or have a category in Issues etc.
The problem is you will still need to have the number of hours associated with a site, activity or project that your AFR will be applicable to?
At the moment this is a big gap as the platform does not go far enough down the chain where it include time management and individuals.