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  • 12 January 2024
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With increasing pressure on carbon emission reduction/ climate change was wondering if anybody had developed an ESG data collection template (or similar) that you are happy to share in the public library.


We are keen to start more conversations around this space and welcome ideas, thoughts , conversations around this 

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6 replies

Keen to follow this one

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Hi @clairelange 

That’s quite a large topic and dependent on your company ESG strategy may impact what you need.

I have shared a couple of templates on the public library specifically on the ‘E’ of ESG. Collecting CO2 figures using the Environmental data collection checklist. This one can have the data extracted using an API and put into your own version of the Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2021 - GOV.UK ( Or you could use something like the MacKay carbon calculator (UK government spreadsheet Carbon calculator - GOV.UK (

There’s a proactive Office efficiency checklist (that I used first thing on a morning once a week to see if people had left lights heating on etc.) 

And packaging waste responsibilities - I wrote that one a while back so can’t remember if that covers the extended regs.





@Tiffany thank you so much for your reply and sharing the template/checklist and reporting requirements.

I can see huge opportunity to use SC templates for specific ESG data collection. We work in this space, and it is still a very clunky area we think. As you come across other use cases, I would be most interested to hear more.

The main area of interest for us is Scope 1,2,3 GHG emission tracking and reporting. 

Keen to hear more from you and others on this important topic.





Thank you for sharing those templates, @Tiffany! Gave me insights on what we should be writing about to raise more awareness on SC’s use case for this :)

#ESG - wondering what data end users are interested using SafetyCulture in collecting for their ESG reporting ?? Is it just waste data or are you thinking that other data could easily be collected using SafetyCulture ? 

Is the focus on capturing source data for the E of ESG so that emissions can be calculated ??

I am trying to find a  compelling use case for SafetyCulture in ESG reporting and enhancement… Would love to hear feedback from the community 

Thank you for sharing those templates Tiffany