Changes in limits for exporting inspections with media (pictures)?

  • 21 February 2024
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I have 20 fulfillment centers. Or sites. I always had the ability to filter on a specific site on the inspections page and export the pictures within the inspections. Without any notice the functionality has changed and  limited to 25 insepctions  and it's an extremely long process to get that media. The exporter functionality does not allow to filter on a specific site to get the media from those inspections. And because you do not have the site name in the picture file name it's impossible to find amongst 20 other sites and thousands of pictures. Help!


I'm trying to export it from the analytics page but I do not have the exact screens that's displayed in the tutorial.

3 replies

Hi @Staples1 , There is no change to the export limit from our side. Just wanted to give you a heads up, though – we're planning to phasing out this legacy export feature soon. 


There was a change. I am only able to export 25 inspections(and the media at one time). Before I could do 100. Please explaing exactly what will be phasing out. We may not be renewing out licenses if we cant export.

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Hi @Staples1 👋

Sorry for any confusion around this, but to clarify for @Divya Konnur, the export options that she was referring to are CSV (legacy) and CSV with media.

To be transparent, we’re planning to retire both options within the next 1-2 months. And to provide some context, both export options run on very outdated systems and as our platform grows with new functionalities, the experience (such as export time and stability) will only deteriorate, which is something we can’t accept.

We understand that customers such as yourself might need to periodically export inspection data along with media files, so we’ve actually built the SafetyCulture Exporter which can export your inspections with media files much more efficiently.

I understand that any change, such as this, is inconvenient, so if you’d like, one of our Support team members can reach out to you to provide some assistance in getting you up and running with the SafetyCulture Exporter.

Really appreciate your understanding here! 🙏🏻