Approve credentials provided by employees

  • 19 December 2023
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We are looking at introducing an easier way for employees to provide their own credentials on the SafetyCulture platform. 

We believe with this new addition the need for someone within an organisation to sight & approve the documents will be required. 

I’m interested to know who within your business would be responsible for approving (sighting) credentials provided by employees? 

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3 replies

Hi I like this idea, 

Ideally it would be the persons supervisor or trade based supervisor signing these off.

IE for all Electricians it would be the Electrical Supervisor

Plumbers the Plumbing Supervisor.

General Trade - General Trades supervisor. 

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Hi @Bec Cooper 

The approval for contractor credentials would be H&S Manager or Facilities manager.

(we are a small company <250 employees)



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Thank you both. This is extremely helpful. 


We are going to start with allowing those with Credential Management permission the ability to approve. However, this is only in the interim until we have the following available on the platform:

  1. The ability to know who someone reports to 
  2. The ability to associate certain credentials with certain people and therefore certain approvers

Both of these are on the roadmap for the platform in the next 12 months or so. So hopefully we’ll be able to improve approvals after our first release.