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  • 12 April 2024
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Just a quick heads up.


Having looked at what you have changed and moved into the system I feel the transition and build of the platform for data analysis needs to be constant in the way you build and link things.

Example...Edapps was bought by SC (great acquisition).

Training is now via the Micro eLearning side of the system.

This has its own tab for the right reasons…

Get that and it should. Don't have an issue with what it is and what it does.



THe platform does have an area that is the brains for data collation and manipulation and this needs to remain the same area.

Here Dashboards and visulas for simple analysis and review / validation can be custom built via the Early Release of Dashboards.

This also needs to include being able to pull Training Data into a Dashboard.


Because it is all linked to the planning, scheduling, monitoring, activities checks, site checks, process checks, actions created, issues raised training required, credentials expanded and so on.

So whether the Dashboard relates to Weather,Quality, Processes, Employees, Contractors, Inductions COMPETENCE (SKATE Skills, Knowledge Attitude, Training, Experience) it is interlinked into an autonomous way of planning and checking with proving.

So please link up what you are developing for the end Orgs and Customers in order that they can tailor all the leading and lagging indicators which will improve the Culture of what and how they do their business.


It also assists with compliance. 

To be continued

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