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SC Community Welcome & Updates!

  • 18 June 2024
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SC Community Welcome & Updates!
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Hey SC Community 👋

I wanted to introduce myself as your new 💫 Community Manager 💫 I am super excited to get to know you all and to work together in creating an engaging, interactive space that serves as the central source of truth for SC support & updates, industry trends, workplace practices and SC Community initiatives. Of course, our primary principle is to prioritise YOUR voice. Please feel inspired to get involved as we co-create the future of the Community and platform together through your insights, experiences, and feedback.

As we kick start this journey, I’d love for as many of you to share your thoughts and suggestions for how we can further enhance and evolve our Community! Please use the feedback form below or share your comments in the thread 👇🏼

You might be interested in what’s coming for the Community? We certainly have some exciting ideas, including... 

  • Community events
  • Access to swag
  • Exclusive content
  • Early-access programs

… to name a few. This is your space and we’d love to get as many of you involved in these initiatives as possible so don’t hold back! To chat in further detail, you can find me at or 💬

We can feel the excitement in the air! Stay tuned for consistent content, conversations and community initiatives, coming soon 👀 🙌

2 replies

Bianca, this sounds amazing! I’m new to the community here and I can’t wait to join in these initiatives! Ping me!

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A warm welcome to you @Shawna Cox 😃

Very excited to have you join and be apart of out upcoming initiatives 🙌🏽 🎉  Please feel free to reach out to me at any point as you get started - here to help in any way I can!