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  • 26 April 2024
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Hi, is it possible to have a logic field that is implemented in all the pages of the inspection?. We use inspections to conduct the quality check of flight simulator equipment. I want to avoid having to select what simulator type I have at the start of every page in an inspection, and would rather only have to select it one, as having to input several times the same logic for different pages is not efficient.


Thank you

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3 replies

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No, it is not.  I have been asking for this since almost day 1 :) Unfortunately, we currently have to either put questions in an odd order, ask the same thing multiple times to use logic on the same answer in a few places, give N/A options, or have separate templates for some things.

See this: Support triggering logic fields from previous questions in inspections | Community (

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As per all the above the simplification of this added feature would dramatically streamline not only the questions and autonomous logic but also assist in other areas.


The logic improvements would help with analytics for failed or same answers and for labels categories when creating dashboards with live KPIs. 




Can SC update whether this is plans for an inclusion build / timeline as it seems that this is being requested by many customers at admin level who are managing their SC platform's.