Question; Device Limit issues. I found a solution!

  • 30 November 2023
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Wanted to post this since I had issues with my profile stating that I had “Reached my Device limit” for my login - even though I only had two devices logged in at the time and when I tried to do a third it kept blocking me. 

You can follow the help directions SC provides for this issue, login to your profile on your computer & go to “My Profile” >  “Devices”  

You should see a list of all the devices you have used to login with.

Go ahead and delete all of the devices and then log into the devices you want access to your profile on. (if you refresh the page on your computer you should see each device pop up on the list.)


Doing this will allow you to be logged into your profile on a computer and three separate mobile devices at the same time. (I have a dell laptop, Android phone, Android Tab6, and 9th gen IPad all logged in at the same time.) 

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