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  • 27 September 2023
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We operate a permitting system via SC for high risk work. 

The templates are shared externally with our contractors. When they are about to undertake a high risk task, they complete a check list, add photos and hit a submit option. This in turn triggers an instant notification to us that a permit has been submitted. 

We review the submission and approve or ask for more information. On approval, the submitting person is notified. When the work is complete, they go back to the inspection and complete the clearance.

The system works extremely well. 

Yesterday, we received a clearance for a permit to dig. On review, we noted the excavation was open, chapter 8 barriers were around it and there was a severe weather warning in place. The RAMS submitted for the work followed best practice by stating excavations would be back filled or covered when left unattended. 

The site operatives were contacted and asked to return to site and make safe followed by adding photo evidence into the permit. 

It is a perfect example of how well the system works for us. 

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This is interesting to know, @Andrew Gabb! The whole process may seem simple but thanks to the system you're following, every follow-up is well addressed. Thank you for sharing!