How does everyone capture safety events?

  • 8 February 2023
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Question to the forum! How does everyone capture safety events? Or deviations from key processes?

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5 replies

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Hey @The droids you're looking for , I think everyone has a different approach...Personally and with my team, we’ve been using issues to capture safety events. Especially using the issues QR code definitely helped.

I hope this helps...keen to learn more how others captures them.

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Hi @The droids you're looking for ,

We previously used a system called Sphera, but about a year ago we moved to SAP. This is used for all of our incidents, near misses and safety observations. The end user experience wasnt perfect and it wasnt available to third parties, so we built a web based application in house that is available to everyone, on any device and is more user friendly. This then passes the information through to SAP.

It is a shame that SafetyCulture isnt geared towards incident management and investigations as I suspect that would have been an excellent tool.

Our current set up works great, but the issue we have now is that we have another silo for tasks as we also have hundreds sat within SafetyCulture - often with lots of crossover. We are about to start looking at an integration to get our tasks from SafetyCulture into Microsoft Planner (which is where we are hoping to consolidate all tasks from all systems used by our business).

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Have you considered using ‘Issues’ in SafetyCulture?  This can be set up to capture a range of different safety events and then followed through using ‘Actions’.

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Thanks for all the great insights, everyone!

Yeah, I agree @Ben Edwards, I was hoping for an incident management tool when the Issues feature was first released, but wasn’t really so.

But I might spent some time to look into it again to see what new functionalities they’ve added since.

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Years ago, we implemented a program called “RISC” which is a paper card system similar to Dupont STOP program. It was used at all sites for many years.  Although it has been somewhat successful, it was overly complicated with 5-7 different cards and specific questions to answer on them, besides the manual entry into Excel.

With having SafetyCulture, a handful of sites are now using a template based on those paper cards. This has significantly improved the access, results, and labor involved.

Another site has fully adopted the official STOP program which is quite expensive and still a lot of manual work.  They chose that route due to the training that comes with it.

We are overhauling our Safety programs this year, so I am pushing with the person in charge of that to use SC Issues.  However, as-designed, we have concerns with the feature.  With some improvements, I think it would be the place to go some day so we can eliminate the paper and get everyone on the same method.  Trending damage, near misses, accidents, etc. across the company is really critical.