Has anyone integrated their SafetyCulture instance to SAP here?

  • 21 November 2023
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Have you connected your SafetyCulture instance to a SAP server (ECC, S/4, C4C, CPI, etc.)?

In mid-2023, I found out about SafetyCulture when a real estate company wanted to integrate SafetyCulture to SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). The solution allowed field inspectors using SafetyCulture to seamlessly create Service Requests (Tickets) in SAP C4C and see real-time status updates to the relevant SafetyCulture Action that raised the SAP C4C Ticket.

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2 replies

Integration was made possible by using SafetyCulture Integration Builder. A recipe (or integration flow in SAP speak) is made in the Integration Builder which listens to an action made in SafetyCulture. In the case mentioned earlier, a recipe was made to listen to an Action being created in SafetyCulture.

The recipe would then use an OData connector to connect to SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). Data from the created Action in SafetyCulture are then mapped to the needed fields in SAP C4C’s OData definition for ServiceRequest (or Ticket). A “POST” call is made, and this will create the Service Request or Ticket in SAP C4C.

When the Ticket is updated in SAP C4C, data is pushed to SafetyCulture via webhooks. This will allow updates in SAP C4C (for example, updating of the ticket status) to be pushed from SAP C4C to the corresponding SafetyCulture Action.

Note that an Enterprise account is needed to access the SafetyCulture Integration Builder.


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