What's your recently-used checklist or template?

  • 22 September 2023
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Hello SC Community! 🙌🏾

Just curious - What kind of checklist or template did you recently use via the SC app? Did you find useful templates from our Public Library or did you create your own? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, don't forget to browse more of our checklist pages and see if there's anything you can utilize for your use case :)

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4 replies

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We have created a couple of new templates recently that incorporate the use of the assets feature. By entering our bulk oil tanks as assets, we are able to track specific activities, like bulk receipt and tanks inspections, directly to the tank. In addition, we can easily view tanks with open actions.

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I’ve just uploaded some permit to work templates from the public library. I’ve adapted them so that they are specific to my business, and they are going to form part of my contractor management process (using Assets/ free seats/ Actions/ Issues and Heads Up)


@Jimmy Arbour that’s interesting to know! Did you upload them to the Public Library? Would love to check them out if it’s okay :)


@Tiffany a big yay for using SC in your contractor management process! I hope to gain more insights from you on the top challenges you encounter in this process that SC helps eliminate or make more manageable :)