What is the best way for action labels to be leveraged within my organization?

  • 8 February 2023
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I recently saw that action labels are now available to be attached to actions - what is the best way for these to be leveraged within my organization? 

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4 replies

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Hey @ajriesberg,

Action labels can be used to categorize your actions. 

For example, one of our retail stores in S.Korea stocks different clothings and garments. We’ve created a list of labels

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Gore-Tex
  • Jackets

and more, so each relevant actions we create can be easily identified and grouped together.

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Hi @ajriesberg 

I used to use a workaround in Actions to label my non-conformance types during ISO audits. 

I’m so glad that labels have been developed so that users can select a label rather than using an identifier in the title of the action. 

You can use the labels for anything in your organisation depending on what you do. 😊


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Great discussion here, everyone! I’ve converted this to a discussion so we don’t need a “best answer” to close the post.

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We’re still exploring how to use them at our manufacturing sites. 

For now, I’ve created the following:  safety, food safety, quality, and CMMS. 

This allows our site safety committees to find action items that need to be addressed for safety reasons, our quality/food safety committees to find actions that pertain to them, and to identify those that need to be copied into our CMMS (maintenance system).  Some sites use them fairly regularly, some sparingly, and others not at all.  Safety is the most used, followed by food safety.