What feature/s are you most excited about using in the new SafetyCulture platform?

  • 1 November 2023
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With the next generation of the SafetyCulture platform now out in the wild, we’re keen to hear what feature or features you’re most excited about using 🎉

Share your thoughts in the thread below – bonus points for including any use cases you have in mind.



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4 replies

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I was lucky enough to be using Assets and Training and they are now fully embedded into my OHS Management system processes. 

For me, I was quite excited about Credentials! It’s a pain of a H&S managers role trying to obtain specific certification that relates to H&S - Fire wardens, First aiders, forklift drivers etc. Now I can put them all in one place and see when they are going to expire. I know that this will probably be the firstr iteration and SC will be finding ways to improve it from customers feedback (I’ve already provided mine 😉)

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Tiffany, it’s so great to hear from you, and I appreciate the feedback!

Don’t worry - @Bec Cooper is very busy pushing the Credentials piece even further forward (and has your feedback already, I suspect, but holler here if not).

@Tiffany - if I can ask a question back at you - do you have any views on whether H&S requirements are similar or different across the regions and jurisdictions you look after? I recall you spent some time across a European business, and I was interested to see if you thought a single solution could adequately cover those different areas’ needs, or otherwise...

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Hey @Loren 

There will be similar requirements across Europe with regards to the retention of credentials and training of colleagues with specific to their job role. The European directives will be transposed slightly differently in each of the countries dependent on their local laws.

So, I feel that the single solution would be adequate. 

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Agree credentials is the one I want SC to develop along with contractor management.


This is an area where any persons info is required before they start any physical activities on any of our projects.


The legal framework is changing in the UK for HS&E where organisational capability and competence will be key as companies in construction can prove the quality, design of what they do by embedding the competence of individuals.


This will be via Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Training.


I think credentials at the moment is in its infancy, a little rough and simple and IMO needs to be developed in order that profiles of competency can be built up of people via proof or training and certification.


Then when proving that personnel have the skills organisations can build up skill levels that indicate what level a person is for specific activities, roles and jobs.


This is where I want SC to go. 

Then we can start to do the 



regards John