What can i expect from Power BI

  • 14 December 2023
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i am considering using Power BI to extract our data and manipulate it more but i am unsure if it is the right thing to do.

what are your thoughts? do you need to pay separately for it?


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It depends on what you are wanting to do.

We have a few sites who use the Power BI dashboard regularly.  I have taken the sample SC provided and updated our own custom version a couple times a year to pull in the new data feeds and make other improvements.  Ours is very customized to give us visualizations we can take action with.  Some sites fully manage their SC Actions from Power BI, as it includes both stats and deep links to edit/view them.  Some sites are starting to explore the Issues feature, and with recent data changes SC made to pull in questions/answers, we are just starting to explore how to leverage that data which is not available on the website in a digestible format.  We have some sites that collect numeric data in inspections, and with some data manipulations and charts, in Power BI we can chart any responses (even yes/no) over time. 

For some sites, the Power BI dashboard is more than they need.  There are several who just need all the question responses from a specific template dumped into a tabular format, which is available via the “Excel Export” on the Inspections page of the SC website.

I think you can get Power BI Desktop free, although we had issues with certain versions not playing well with the data connector. Microsoft has 3-4 versions you can download with slightly different names. We have M365, although I think I’m still successful with the free version from the MS Store.