Tutorials Update?

  • 28 November 2023
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I really like sharing the tutorial videos SafetyCulture Tutorials ( with my colleagues as they engage a lot better than a written explanation.

However, they are all quite out of date and don’t reflect the new/ latest platform so I can’t share them (a lot even refer to iAuditor 😮). 

Is there a timeline to update these or should I make my own?

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Hi @Tiffany! Great question!

We know how useful videos can be for customers to learn about SafetyCulture and its value, but being transparent, we don’t have any timelines on when we’ll be able to update this.

It’s one of our many priorities, and I hope I can share some good news in the New Year, but if it’s urgent, I definitely recommend making some on your own.

Really appreciate your understanding here 🙏🏻