• 18 March 2024
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The ability to communicate better with SC for personnel and other contractor where we have varied languages.
On our construction sites we have a vast array of personnel at varying levels of competence.

Lots of them are from other regions in the world and their first language is not english.


We cover BTs and Briefings as well as site inspections, heads ups, and Issues...but the gap is communication and understanding by the persons from the other backgrounds.


As a KPI we want a way to get this across and also record this.We want to do this hopefully in SC when Contractor Management becomes an included part of the portal…

When is this going to be looked at and is translation part of this?

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2 replies

Hey @jonnyg,

I’m on the user management team at SafetyCulture. Sounds like a great KPI and a good problem to solve. So are you suggesting we have a means to be able to add and then see certain “attributes” of users in your SC organisation; where one might be preferred language?


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So when we have SC fully embedded with contractor Management and Training and communicate to people both within the org and contractors that this solves the problem where certain personnel are not fluent in the language for the organisation.


As an example we have other workers from outside the UK working on Construction sites.

So in order to ensure they understand our comms we have it translated when we send them anything or as per the potential new releases have their unique ID etc so that TBTs and Briefing are created by the Admin /Org Team but when it gets to the end worker it is in their native language.