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  • 27 June 2024
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Just a query.

Our Org has to be compliant and we have accreditation audits. As such we have to ensure that we have strict permission for person who either access or create things within our business…

When looking at the training side of SC it does not seem logical for the permissions unless i am mistaken.


If i want to see the training matrix (Beta)

Then i can see this as admin (By the way admin must only IMO be available to trained , competent and skilled personnel as they have access to most areas of SC - ref GDPR).

However. If i am in the training Matrix or looking at it that is fine (although i still think this imo is a very rough draft - will explain shortly)

How do I share this to external supply chain or internal personnel, with view access only?

Is there a plan to have this available in order that we can where required make this visible to supply chain partners so that when they are doing internal or 3rd party audits that they can see who is trained within our company?


At the moment this is not an option.

Furthermore, inthe options for access there seem to be an option missing. This option should be view access only.
At the moment it is either admin or manage teams. This is not flexible imo for orgs.


Also with regards to Training and building / creating and other features for Training and |Courses. 


We will only have 1-3 persons in our org max for this as it is paramount that we have standards in place for vetting and ensuring that each course is relevant and covers the specific and the objectives of the organisation.


It is ultra important that as the Courses are built and aimed at groups that these are compliant and achieve the aims for the target audience. This requires minimal number of admin or similar.


Without these barrier we would run the risk of not controlling courses built and their content.



Going back to the Training Matrix BETA.

This is what we asked for but again imo needs improving in order that we can simplify the process for transparency and visibility of personnel and certs.


I would expect that in a matrix where the box being hovered above is a specific course completed by a certain person then we can see the certificate and / or print as an option.

Furthermore having the ability to see all the certs for specific course in one click.

Whilst also talking about the matrix. I cannot see an alarm/alert as such to show when a cert or credential is for example 1-3 months from expiring.This is part of a preventative controls that i would like to see in the system (if not already in or on the road map).

This then becomes a live training matrix and scheduler. It is mainly for credentials as these are normally outside of SC Training.

The SC Training is not an issue in this regard as our intention is to have Rapid Refresh and Brain Boosts set up for specific courses which will remove the requirement to have a refresher, unless we amend the courses considerably.



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Hi again Johnny!

Thanks for taking the time to provide us feedback here. In future we’re planning to explore how we can make external credentials more readily represented in the training matrix. Whilst we aren’t able to solve for this yet due to technical constraints, we recognise the value it would provide to our customers and hope to invest in this. 

Your feedback about the ability to have view access for external bodies makes a lot of sense. I suspect this will be coming up more often from other customers too!

Have a lovely weekend!