Thoughts on best ways to link assets with inspections

  • 29 February 2024
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Just been onto SC advisors and again had an issue that turns out to be another great idea?


So assets. 

The QR code use for these and profiles and asset types defo the way to go.

However like lots of orgs we have been inspecting mechanical and other equipment and tools for some time. We have IMO as an org developed / built some great templates (Me).

So these templates for assets (not telematics or sensors) are already there.

Assets gets released and then we can categorise and all of a sudden there is a level above what we were used to.

Build the assets and add types etc. Link to sites, add the QR code and happy days?


Well no..
When scanning the asset QR code we can then see the asset.
Firstly sometimes when opening the APP and then Assets and trying to scan the asset it does not work (inside SC) hence the camera or QR Code Reader App is required. 


When at Asset in SC and then this is an issue I have found via android.






So on image 2. One scanned and the address is available it will not copy or go to the address.
When using 3rd party app or camera this does go to the Asset 

That is issue number 1.
Could be Android or some sort of glitch etc. However when on site we should really be in SC to access the asset when scanning.

Yes, there is a work around, but for me this should be simple and work.


After scanning with a QR code reader or camera. If you have access to the account then great as you can see the actual item.

Then you have a a view where you see the asset.
This also includes;

  1. To do
  2. Activity ( I assume this is actions and inspections)
  3. Details
  4. Media 

There is then an option to complete an inspection or an actions.
Action is a simple given - happy days and it links back to the Asset.


However imo the choosing for template is an issue.

Although the template can be chosen it will be in the template and inspection format. This will include a title page.


Now for us, we have had good templates that do this but to automate and move forward we will have to rip these up and then have a title page with 1-2 things only.


The reason for this is that the data is already built to the asset when adding the asset. This includes the site etc.
Date will be the date it is done? The person will be a user logged into the system via our org. Hence little required apart from list of the checks required.


So unless i have this wrong the template that can be used multiple jobs/equipment and tools with logic will now require basic templates that cover individual items in a simpler format.


This goes back to asset and the QR code where vast info is already there and the system by QR scanning of the item populates most of what is required.We are then just left with a set of specific questions that relate to the asset type - hence more templates.

I think going forward I understand that the Beta Groups that look at these try to get things off the ground and then it is improved upon etc and to be fair generally this is excellent, however unless i have missed something on this occasion at the moment it will lead to a lot more work by orgs.

Concept of assets on SC is spot on.Just some teething issues.
As i have said to orgs and clients my aim is simplification and time saving by having everything available in a quick and transparent way.

This addition of assets does that but unless again I have missed the obvious there will be some work now for orgs that already have been inspecting assets va templates.

The solution maybe in the asset profile that includes a specific list, logic or similar and hence remove the burden of building a plethora of templates.


For all the above whether small glitches or teething issues. The customer will get these until there is a fix or a simplified method to scan and record an observation as part of collaring specific audit info about assets.

If anyone can shed some light on this, feedback or give actual solutions - then please reply.

Kind regards John

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I have found a way to scan the asset and link to the asset type but again yes it can work but for an inspection something is still missing as I have to still choose an inspection template?


For anyone reading this thread please feedback


Sorry to hear about your not so pleasant experience with Assets. We would like to help you and also learn more about how assets can be made more easier for you. We like to know more about what is missing from the your asset/inspection experience. You can also contact support with your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback

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I am not sure what you are asking?
I have given feedback via the platform?
I have put a post on here?

The fact that assets is excellent as a quick way to audit plant and equipment is great - I just has to change all my templates otherwise it was going to get rather messy?


With regardsto your team of advisors.

The truth is they are not getting better and if anything knowledge wise seem to be going down hill.
Nearly every time i go on there i get the following from them 


That is a great idea I will pass that on to our  teams and submit as a possible feature request.