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  • 25 June 2024
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Is there a way that SC could have access to business related training material that is generic relating to things such as videos or animations that can be looked at and used where possible when building training courses.


Or even an additional part of the system which can access an area externally that covers this so that as part of building simple courses and lesson there is a way of adding animation and narration?


If this is already available the please advise?

8 replies

Hi @jonnyg we have a range of help centre articles that cover these features in SC Training:

And specifically for the following:

Is this what you were looking for or was there something else you had in mind?



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Has this been updated recently as it was not straightforward when I last looked for…

With regards to videos.…

Wanted to know if SC had a video library or similar to assist with these prior to inserting within a lesson. I assumed due to the use of AI that this would be better??


For narration I also expected the same with AI use to have a better tool for narration?


Surely the day of MP 3 insertion is long gone???

Can you please update because from the links.…

Not really got the answers and improved use I was looking for?

Same with other links you have added.

If I really wanted links then I would probably have put that in my query.


I have to date created many courses on Edapps and SC training so can do the quizzes.

Many thanks.


Hi @jonnyg,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions for additional features in Training. 

Video Library of Resources
We currently do not have a dedicated video library of resources. We find that most customers prefer using their own personalised video content or specific videos they find on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Our YouTube and Vimeo slides enable these videos to be easily embedded into courses. For animations, we recommend free platforms like Pexels or Canva, where you can find and download animations to use in image slides. Our media library is also integrated with Pexels for convenient access to stock images.

AI Narration
We appreciate your interest in AI narration. While this feature is not on our immediate roadmap, we absolutely plan to explore the use of AI for automatic text-to-speech narration in the future. We understand the value it can bring and hope to work on this feature down the line.




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I understand the answer but feel especially with videos that this could be a lot better. Some people do not use or know of vimeo.

With regards to YouTube this is ok but not ideal - I think as a world leader now want to clean up the training market for gamification and micro elearning there needs to be a little more within your libraries or available content.

We are all trying to help each other in the community and SC can assist especially with narration, videos and imo Animation is a must.
This then move the course on to the next level.

Surely that is what you want from the journey your customers are taking and are on? 

Absolutely this is the direction we want to head.  Do you have any suggested libraries you are using at the moment?

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No because i have to search and try to make things fit.

Just my observation.


The fact that the company is SafetyCulture, would suggest to me that they have libraries of media etc that can be via a partner or as part of the Sc training side of the business where by consent media can be used / extracted from training or similar.


I am astounded that the question was put back to me when as a company with a valuation of $2.7B and a turnover of $130M is asking me what i use.

Surely as part of the Edapps system and now SC training there must have been a vision to add media or give access to a 3rd party where this can be used.


This is especially so with videos and more importantly animations.

With animation for SC training I would expect that there was a part of Sc that had AI that assisted with animations and building these for SC training courses and lessons?



Hi @jonnyg 

Thank you for your response and apologies for any frustration caused here. My question in response regarding suggested libraries was to better understand how we can approach supporting a capability like this, based on what our customers are currently using.

I will take this to our team internally to discuss what future development looks like.



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Thank you...