remove date and time from drawn signature

  • 12 June 2024
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is it possible to remove the date and time stamp from a ‘drawn Signature’ ? 

2 replies

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Hi @irelandini! At this time, it isn’t currently possible to remove the date and time stamp from the signature field. At this stage, in line with the SafetyCulture brand, we always try to ensure accurate and trustworthy information in displayed across necessary aspects of the platform. I apologise for the setback here 🙏🏽

Yes, it is possible to remove the date and time stamp from a drawn signature, depending on the software or tool being used. For PDF documents, software like Adobe Acrobat Pro allows users to edit or delete the timestamp from the signature. Many digital signature tools have settings that let users customize the appearance of their signatures, including the option to disable the timestamp. If the signature is an image, editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP can be used to manually remove the date and time stamp by selecting and deleting or covering the timestamp area. In cases where the software does not provide a straightforward option to remove the timestamp, re-creating the signature in a tool that offers more customization might be necessary. If all else fails, contacting customer support for the specific signture tool or invoicing software might provide a solution or guidance on how to remove the timestamp effectively.