Removal of Current CSV File & current data format?

  • 3 April 2024
  • 1 reply


We currently use the CSV file for data exportation into our own customer built reporting system.

Our reporting is designed on the data being outputted in the current format of on audit per row and all the columns being there so the data set does not move where question are unanswered.

However now Iauditor are removing this CSV file for a new version which will not provide columns for sub questions where the questions lie unanswered there for the data range will change on a daily basis based on response.

I need the data columns to remain the same daily ?

Will this affect anyone else? Does anyone know a way around my problem? Or can someone recommend another piece of software that i will not have this problem with?

1 reply


Hey Dom,

Really appreciate the post. We have been trying to get hold of any customers that still need the old CSV to better understand what’s missing in our new export, so this is great!

So we can better assist you and your needs, i will send a direct message so we can try and set up a call.