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  • 17 October 2023
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I’m developing a training course where I want to add a practical element to determine the delegates competency.

I’ve tried to find a help article SafetyCulture Help Center but the training elements are very basic. I can’t figure out what the bits on the left do and how best to use them.

Has anyone else used this feature in Training yet?


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Yes the Practical Assessments feature will help you assess competency. We’re still building out the articles available on the SafetyCulture Help Center for Training, so in the interim you could refer to this article here to help you create a new practical assessment as much of the functionality is the same. 

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Hi @Tiffany, we now have a support article that goes into more detail about creating practical assessments and conducting them with team members :)

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I use practicals with edapps.

Very good but needs streamlining as it is clunky and does not have an auto message to the tutor / creator about personnel completing lesson to the practical.


I have one for powered pallet trucks.

5 lessons on edapps and 6th lesson is a site visit assessment via practical.

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The practical assessments area is great for actually building an actual practical way of testing or showing that a person can do what is expected. I have used this for electric pallet trucks.


I am a trainer, so instead of having death by power point I built a course of 5 lessons.

Personnel must do this prior to any on site practical. A trigger is activated and the persons upon completion of the 5 lessons get a qr code.


I then visit site and complete a practical assessment.


This is a question based assessment where I get proof that they understand the equipment, checks, inspections, hazards and safe use.


I add images of the person and videos as proof that they can use in a safe and controlled manner.


Once completed by me I pass or fail them.


Once they have passed they receive a certificate.


As I build this going forward from Edapps to the training section in SC this will benefit the competency profile as this system is developed by SC.


Hope this helps. John