PDF reports vs. Web reports

  • 15 February 2023
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Hello, thought I would start a discussion around PDF reports vs. Web reports.

  • Which option do you prefer?
  • Which option does your organization use?
  • Do you also print out the PDF report? or just share the digital version?

The reason I ask is, I’m trying to encourage our team members to utilise the web reports more so our company can start thinking about more environment friendly approach. This also allows our company to save printing $.

Keen to hear how everyone’s using them!

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7 replies

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I used both types depending on what they were being used for.

If I needed to send something external, for example, a damage report to a customer or a risk assessment to a contractor, I would use the .pdf.

If I was carrying out internal audits or reviewing the performance of a site, I would use web reports.

Since using SafetyCulture, I haven’t used my printer! This has saved me money on paper, toner cartridges and electricity!


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Thanks for sharing @Tiffany_cee. Also, I look forward to stop using the printer moving forward. Have a great week.


I like the idea of using web reports more because they’re a live, constantly up-to-date document.

In reality, we use PDFs frequently because we have more flexibility to customise the reports and present them as our own product (with our own branding and cover pages). For us, that’s preferred rather than linking our customers to the SafetyCulture website which we can’t customise or make appear as our own internal portal. 

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Hi @Hojae Jung ,

Much like the others, we use both.

We use the web reports to share live Permit to Work documents with contractors. This means they are always accessing the most up to date document and not an old pdf or printout by mistake.

We do save the pdf copies of audits and inspections to our SharePoint site so they are available to everyone in the company more easily, especially as not everyone has an account or is familiar with the system.

Many of our workforce also do not have access to a computer on a regular basis, so unfortunately we do still have to print out some reports and pin them to the notice board.

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Hi @Ben Edwards 

Great insights! Thank you for sharing.

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My team solely utilizes PDF reports. Once an audit is completed, we send audit reports to the auditee for their knowledge. 

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Hi @Blake, I hope you are having a great day so far!

Just curious, is there a reason why your team prefers sending the PDF report to auditees instead of the web report?