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  • 12 October 2023
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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Emma and I am the Safety Culture Administrator at Intrepid Travel. The business has recently acquired a hotel and we will be bringing SafetyCulture into the hotel for various different audits. However, to start off with we will be having some work done and contractors on site completing this work. 

We have already decided you add the contractors as free users, so they can watch some ‘heads up’ safety videos and acknowledge they have viewed them. 

My questions are, for anyone that works with contractors;

  1. Do you ask the contractors to download SC to their own mobile and complete the necessary, or do you have a centralised laptop or tablet where each contractor can sign in, watch and acknowledge a heads up? I am anticipating push back from contractors if we insist on them downloading an app to watch a video before they can start. 
  2. Where in SC do you store important information like their trading/license number, insurance details etc?

Thanks for helping me!


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17 replies

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Hey @Emma.Flynn just thought I’d jump in as I may have some functionality coming in the next month that could help.

We’re working on how to better support contractors at the moment with some new functionality where you can store a worker’s credentials on their user profile. This could work for storing insurance details, copy of licenses etc but it doesn’t allow you to input information like a license number directly against a user. An example of what this would look like is below:



Users will be able to upload their own Credentials or anyone with the right permissions from your team would be able to do it on behalf of those users. This functionality will be available for all users so would work for your free user contractors. 

Let me know if you’d be interested in trialling it out. We may be able to get it on for you for early access next week if you’d like to try and wanted to provide us some feedback. 

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One last thing I should add is that for now, this would be available on web only although in the future we will work on bringing this to mobile. 


Looking forward to this feature, @Bec Cooper! Excited to see how this pans out :) 

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Hi @Bec Cooper

Thanks for replying. That new functionality looks like something we would use. It would be great to gain early access, but I don’t think our contractors would start till November, so I couldn’t give feedback until then. 

Thanks Emma

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Great @Emma.Flynn I’ll pop you an email so I can make sure we get it turned on for you. 

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Hi @Emma.Flynn 

I’m using Asset to manage my contractors - i put on their insurances and certificates etc as documents or images.

I give them a free seat so that they can interact with an Issue that’s assigned to them (like a job pack) and I can monitor any actions they need to complete the Issue. As they are an Asset - the Actions raised are linked to that. I do ask that they download the app on their phone.

I give them an induction using template - because on a free seat they can do up to three inspections. Sometimes the facilties manager will go through the induction on the web app with them and we have a question in the template for ‘asset’ so we can link the contractor with it. Then a repeating section at the end for a sign off if there are multiple contractors working for that contractor.  Any other communications via Heads Up to a group I’ve set up called - Contractors.

It’s working well but I’m also looking forward to what @Bec Cooper is developing.



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How would this work in construction where there are 100s of flexible companies and one man bands. We cannot support having our internal admin and management adding personnel as free users.


I do have some ideas on what would work but this is a different thing from some of your clients that have employed workforces.

Also can you expand on when the mobile app will be available to enable contractor personnel who can join a site doing so by means of a unique ID sent out by our company admin via Safety Culture.


With regards training.


We currently (i) use Eddapps and have done so for some time.
How can courses be migrated from one account on Eddapps to a SC account for an organisation at which point both are retained.

I have watched the video released today by Luke and co.
Interesting but lots of gaps in reality.

The QR codes? This is one related to linking everything via QR codes??

HAve many queries on Contractors, Raining and other related issues that I forsee, however would like access to the initial rollout for contractors as we use 500 at least per month on our exapnding UK projects.

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Also as a free user???

What is the unique ID etc?

If still an email then how would this work with regards to having another account with another organisation?


The above has always been and is still a problem and will remain one until there is another way to identify the free user for logging on to the system.

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Fair point Jonnyg - I never thought about contractors who might have to register with multiple companies on SC to be inducted, or to complete inspections. 

@Bec Cooper this may become a large issue in the future as SC grows (which I have no doubt it will) and there are contractors who may work for multiple organisations that use SC. Something to take back to the team. 


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Hey @jonnyg & @Emma.Flynn  - As part of our recent platform launch users can now be added to multiple organisations using the same email address. So a user could be a paid full seat in 1 account and a guest seat (free) in another using the same email address. 

All information from each account is kept completely separately, it is just the email log in details that the user can use across multiple organisations. 


@jonnyg I’ve been thinking a little bit about how to enable to ability for contractors to self register to an organisation with only the information they need to see available to them. I’d love to chat more about your comments above if you’d have some time over the coming weeks? 

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That’s great news @Bec Cooper - how does SC know which organisation to log them in as? Is there a choice when they log in? 

@Emma.Flynn - great question.

For org switching (which is currently in early access), by default we log you in as your oldest org. We then allow you easily change to your required organization via a simple drop-down. We initially considered adding an "selection page", but we found it was quicker and less clicks to take you into an organization and then allow quick switching.

This is the general approach - if you are using Single Sign-On (SSO), then we will take you straight to the correct app, as we store a relationship between your SSO connection and the connected organization.

We intend to explore changes to this in the future, but (disclaimer etc) have no firm plans at this stage for any changes.

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Don't think that will resolve many variables within construction at the moment where the base of the personnel may move from project to project and site to site. 


IMO at the moment SC is aimed at orgs with full time employees and does currently does not fit the one with many variables like construction.


Plus with regards to different log ons as full, light and free users.


Not for me and is just a quite rigid and non workable answer or workaround.


There are other issues which I have with lots of things especially the recent global launch which speaks about being things together as Safety Culture…


It looks ok but from my realistic background having done 1000s of audits and built over 59 templates and Edsapps modules does not feel like it is it's namesake Safety Culture.


Still lots of work and connections and gaps that need resolving. 

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The contractor management process imo needs to be something that is something that the contractor individual does.

This is by means of a qr code or link that when the use is a registration form.


So I do not do it, they do by following a link or qr code.


They can then join a project (this is related to sites which for us is projects)


So the person is given the link.

This means they can join the project.

They provide specific info of who they are.

Complete the registration form.and then they are on the system if we approve them.


That is what I want to see so that it is not the organisation that does all the work but the integrated system that allows for personnel to join and where appropriate are accepted.


Once they have done the registration we in theory then have them in the system, where we can use them in other sites/project by adding them.


So the above is currently not in use but is the vital link from a company or organisation to contractor personnel.


That is IMO the missing ingredient and will then push to contractors that mean they are part of the system as an asset / resource and the othe parts of SC can be developed with them included by monitoring and inspecting and validation.


It will also assist in proving competence, training via micro e-learning and finding gaps and it joins up the organisation to the construction worker who in most cases can be the best or worst resource at sites/projects.


Hope this helps.

More than happy to speak more about this.

I have similar issues to JonnyG.


One workaround is sharing a template with a worker as an external user, this allows them to complete more than 3 inspections and I can view the results. However there is limited functionality with sites etc that I work around using filters. Like you, managing a supply chain who may only be on a site for a small amount of time, or on multiple sites, doesn't lend itself that well to easily using safetyculture.


I get these workers to complete various equipment checklists and pre-start point of work assessments which were previously paper copies.


Any advice or support on this would be appreciated.





Has there been any movement in this space for onboarding contractors ? 

I’d love to jump on any beta testing or group discussions around this topic.




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Hey @Andy B  - I’d love to chat. Can you pop me an email at rebecca.cooper@safetyculture.io and we can discuss your requirements for onboarding contractors?