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  • 20 April 2024
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Hi, I wonder how the rest of the community is managing internal audit non conformities when there is only the possibility to start an Action, There is no room for Root cause analysis. I have created a template for this but it is difficult to link it to a non complaint question in an inspection 

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3 replies

Hi Isabel

I found 2 ways to work around it. Both are a little labour intensive but they do work and it depends on how automated you are with safety culture.

First is to add a section at the bottom of the inspection template that was for finding responses. The layout was 

  1. the finding - which i entered when the inspection was completed
  2. Field for corrective action (reciptient completed)
  3. Field for root cause (recipient completed)
  4. Field for preventative action (recipient completed)

The second option is to create labels in your actions settings.  I have Root cause, Preventative action and Corrective action - along with further action required and under review. This is more labour intensive but you can assign a label for completion to an assigneed. So when i want root cause, i select the label and assign it out. They open the action and document the answer. Once it is complete and i am happy with it, i change the label to either preventative or corrective action. Again assign it to the relevant person and wait for them to respond.

If you are this far in then you will probably need risk levels assigned. I have found the best way will be to create Multiple choice response sets - assigning a number to likelihood and consequences and then use logic for the risk tolerability - this way you can assign the action according to the level of risk.


thanks very much for your reaponse. Yes i thought about using labels but it is messy. 
I have asked the headquaters in Sydney to add the option of opening a non confirmity as well as an action but there is not enough demand. 
I call the community to raise the number of requests to aline the inspections to ISO standards requirements. 

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The labels are fine imo they just need expanding within the system.


So that they are available within inspections.


Then expand this to KPIs and dashboards and then all of sudden dashboards can be fully utilised.


If NCs are a label then you just build a dashboard aimed at non-compliances for your org and sites.


Again I cannot stress enough that if the labels function is expanded then this will assist in so many ways for indexing and gap closing.


You could even use for 14001 and 45001 as sections and so on.


Every time an inspection is specific for that label then you can track.


You can pre plan if SC also update the templates and the labels can be added to schedules.


So imo SC just need to tweak and join up the dots.


Ta John