Multi category Inspection form

  • 11 June 2024
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Is it possible to have a multi category inspection form? If a category field has options A, B, C, then if user selects category A the specific questions are asked based on that option but not including questions from B & C? likewise if category B is selected questions for A & C are ignored.

Usage case : We have multiple classes of vehicles that we need to spot check ranging from cars up to large HGV and excavators that all require a basic question set but then branch out into more vehicle class specific questions.

The current setup we would require 10 Vehicle specific forms in SC 

I may have missed the feature but I can’t find a means of achieving it with the current logic set.




2 replies

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You can use logics for this. Add a logic in for each A,B and C. Then add your specific questions to each logic. 

Hi Andrew thanks for the reply it made me look back at my form and in the blink of an eye I noticed it was set to “is one of” hence all applied.


Rookie mistake :)