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  • 29 April 2024
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Id like to start this out by apologizing for my Grammar punctuation and spelling. Just an Old Roughneck 


As I have been with I auditor / SC for years now I believe that SC made its bones by providing a user simple user-friendly way for companies to collect and share data. I have been a little disappointed that SC moved away from that model for the marketplace. 

I would have preferred to have seen something along the lines of the rest of the app.

Instead of SC selling me safety glasses.

I could place my branded products for my employees to purchase let’s say for this topic of discission Safety Glasses.

Upon enrollment into a full seat employees would be issued 250 safety points a month automatically.

I could upload the 3 styles of glasses I kept in my storage Pair one at 35 points pair two 100 points and so on.

Employees could buy 2 pair the app give them a receipt and they pick up their Safety Supplies from the safety supply room.

The app would deduct 75 points and leave the balance for future purchases. Each month they would get 250 points they could save up and purchase lets say a pair of safety toed boots for 500 points. This would work for FR coveralls, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Hard Hats Ect.  

Clear as Mud ??

So i say all that to ask the question why did you move away from the format that made you so successful? 


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Hi Driller 1992,

So sorry to hear that you haven’t found the Marketplace experience as simple to navigate as the rest of the SC platform. Simplicity is one of our core tenets here at SC this feedback is a really valuable indicator of areas we need to improve.


The key driver for building the Marketplace was an increasing number of customers asking us to help them close the loop on business processes that are delivered through the SC platforms. A lot of the time, an item may be required to complete an action or inspection, and customers have asked us to build a capability to procure these items within the app.


When we looked into these requirements, some customers asked about similar capabilities that you’ve mentioned. 

  1. They wanted the ability to curate what products were and weren’t available to their staff. They also wanted a hybrid option where some products were pre-approved and others were visible but needed specific approval. To deliver this capability, we built a feature called Catalog (where you can control what products are visible, pre-approved, and hidden).
  2. They wanted the ability to control spending limits, both by amount per transaction and amount per month. This is managed in the Buying Group feature, where you can either have the same criteria for all users or add different values to different groups of users.
  3. They wanted to be able to share payment methods with users without having to share credit card details. This is a feature in Saved Payments, and was driven largely by different team leaders, project leaders, or managers wanting to use corporate cards for team purchases.


These features are designed to deliver the use case you are describing. So you would add users into a buying group and set a monthly spend limit that they could use to get items from a list of products of your choosing. These could be safety glasses (We provide a wide range of safety glasses, including branded ones), boots, coverall, gloves hard hats etc.


In addition to this, we are working with a small group of customers on an Early Access of a replenishment solution that uses inspections to manage the stock levels of store rooms similar to what’s been mentioned.


I would really appreciate a call with you to understand your experience a bit further so we can use this to inform future product development.


Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll reach out to you via email.