Keeping food fresh using SafetyCulture

  • 3 August 2023
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Are you in the food industry? Do you strive to achieve the best food quality?

We’re keen to learn about how our customers use SafetyCulture.

Do you use it to guarantee food freshness, reduce food waste, keep up with compliance – or something else? Join the discussion.

Here’s how some of our customers are using the platform:


One of Australia’s leading supermarkets uses the SafetyCulture platform to maintain high standards and improve efficiency. They use our drag-and-drop template builder to convert paper checklists to digital inspection forms. It enables live visibility and data insights for better compliance and accountability.

Marley Spoon

A meal-delivery service relies on SafetyCulture to track trends and elevate food safety and quality standards. Performing audits and inspections in the platform saves time, reduces errors, and provides valuable data for identifying areas of improvement.

The Dinner Ladies

Another meal-delivery service, delivering ready-made home-style meals, digitizes recipes and safety systems using SafetyCulture to achieve greater efficiency and product quality. The platform allows them to tailor templates to specific dishes and adapt to their business needs.

SafetyCulture Sensors

Marley Spoon and The Dinner Ladies reduce food waste and enhance food safety using SafetyCulture Sensors, which automate temperature monitoring. Real-time tracking of critical parameters has decreased staffing hours and increased peace of mind.

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Rolling out SafetyCulture across these food industry giants has been seamless and easy, providing an intuitive tool for store employees to manage food safety and comply with legislation, ultimately ensuring a safe environment and consistent standards for customers worldwide.

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