How do i give an option for an auditor to just select questions in a section rather than opening the whole template

  • 13 May 2024
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im looking for a way that an auditor can select a specific section rather than opening all sections - is there a way i can ask “choose option A”, Choose option B” etc. 

so far all i know how to do is put questions related to a topic in a new page and then a written statement telling the auditor to go to page “XYZ” manually but i want to automate this 

1 reply

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Hey @Age Check Certification - you raise an interesting point! 


Just to clarify, would you like to essentially assign an auditor to a specific section of the inspection as opposed to having them complete each section? If I am understanding correctly, unless those questions under each section are ‘required’, they should be able to select the specific section. Please feel free to elaborate further and apologies if I’ve misunderstood 🙏🏽