šŸ—£ Health, Safety, Environment and Quality teams: What are your key priorities and focus areas?

  • 26 June 2024
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In our most recent blog post, we examined a study conducted by Verdantix that surveyed prominent companies in frontline industriesĀ to understand their current areas of focus and investment.

We want to hear your thoughts on theĀ 5 key findingsĀ fromĀ the survey and whether thereĀ might be other areas missing from this listĀ ā¬‡

  1. Doubling down on safety fundamentals

  2. Developing top-tier training

  3. Heightened awareness for the most vulnerable workers

  4. Capitalising on real-time data

  5. Experimenting with emerging technology

šŸ’”What do you believe are key priorities for HSEQ teams? Is there a specificĀ area thatā€™s been left out of this research?

*HSEQ ā†’Ā Health, safety, environment & quality teamsĀ 

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