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  • 8 February 2023
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I’m curious - when are teams using SafetyCulture’s analytics to make sense of the information they’re collecting vs. working with the API and connecting to a business intelligence tool like Tableau?

What kinds of reports are most impactful? and is there a world where I would potentially use both?

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This is a great questions. For me it really comes down to technical skill and internal resources. 

I didn’t have the technical skill to adequately navigate and build out Tableau and Power BI Dashboards, and out IT department didn’t have the resources to dedicate to holding my hand through it or building it out for us. 

So we made due with SafetyCulture analytics which was fine because we structured out templates and data correctly to tell us a story in analytics and through a quick excel export that could easily manipulated. 


My favorite go to reports are the Total inspected Conducted that can show all users and sites, Response Breakdowns, Top Flagged Items, and Responses where I can drive into a template and see how a certain question is be responded to including numbers and % when answered that way. 


There is a world where we would use both. Easy and simplicity for quick reference would be inside of SC but when you want to harness the data from other systems such a a HRIS, QMS, and/or SAP, this is when you need to jump to Tableau or Power BI if you have the resources to do so.