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  • 14 June 2024
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Hi All,


Thanks in advance for your supports. We just started to use Safety Culture in our organization. We are sending some questionnaires to our external stakeholders. However when they receive email notification to complete questionnaires, they are considering this email as spam and ignoring it.

As you see in the email below, there is Safety Culture logo instead of our company logo and sender domain is safety culture.

I think this is enough flags to consider these emails as spam.


How can we correct it? Can we add company logo and send via company domain?

1 reply

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Hey @FatihOzcan, thanks for raising this 🙏🏽 I have looked into this internally and can confirm that at this stage it isn’t currently possible to customise the logo and domain in email notifications - I apologise for the setback here. For some background, we have tested customisation of the email domain in the past, and received substantial feedback that these emails were being marked as spoofing emails. As for the logo, this isn’t something the team have looked into just yet, so we appreciate your idea… definitely something the team can perhaps consider investigating later down the track now they are aware there’s some interest. That said, please feel free to submit this as a feature request, so the rest of the community can add their vote 🙌