''CSV with Media'' export feature

  • 27 March 2024
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''CSV with Media'' has been a very integral and helpful feature for our business. The Vertical format of the CSV sheet was detailed and thorough;  we were using this to create reports on our own custom software which we specifically built around this feature.  

I understand that your company is moving to a more secure and reliable technology, but the features need to be similar or better. The new horizontal CSV export is a skeletal version of the former - cant back up the media folder and CSV sheet  - as there is no relation to the media folder and the inspection scopes/questions - the media folder just becomes a photo dump. we manually have to search if anything is needed. 


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1 reply

Hi There,

My name's Divya and I am the engineering manager from the reporting team. Thank you for much for providing the detailed feedback on the upcoming changes to our CSV bulk export options. and we are taking your feedback on board. I believe support have been in touch with you and we are going to work with you to ensure you can keep accessing the things you need for your custom reports while we transition across to the new export options.